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Where Can I Find EBS 12.2.7 Documentation?

Where Can I Find EBS 12.2.7 Documentation?

By: Steven Chan| Senior Director
EBS 12.2.7 is the latest update to E-Business Suite 12.2. It can be applied online — you do not need to take your EBS environment down to apply this update. Our online E-Business Suite Documentation Web Library always contains the latest versions of all of our guides, including our Installation Guides, Upgrade Guides, and Readme Notes: The following Roadmap Note is also a critical reference, since it is a master index of all official Notes for advanced topics that complement our guides in the Documentation Library: All EBS sysadmins should bookmark this Note.  The indexed Notes are essential for nearly all EBS installations.  Here are some examples:
  • Load-balancers and DMZs
  • Real Application Clusters for E-Business Suite
  • Upgrade Sizing and Best Practices
  • VM Templates
  • Customizing EBS 12.2
  • OA Framework Developer’s Guide
  • Backup and Recovery with Online Patching
  • Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Internet Directory integration
  • BPEL and SOA Suite 11g Integration
  • Workflow Mailer with Outlook and other cloud email servers
  • Recommended Browsers
  • JAR file signing
  • Upgrading the JDK for EBS servers
  • Encrypting the EBS database with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Security Best Practices and FAQ
Source: https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenchan/where-can-i-find-ebs-1227-documentation

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