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Concurrent Request Queries

Concurrent Request Queries   HISTORY OF CONCURRENT REQUEST  (PROGRAM WISE)   SELECT DISTINCT t.user_concurrent_program_name, r.request_id, To_char(r.actual_start_date, ‘dd-mm-yy hh24:mi:ss’) “Started at”, To_char(r.actual_completion_date, ‘dd-mm-yy hh24:mi:ss’) “Completed at”, Decode(r.phase_code, ‘C’, ‘Completed’, ‘I’, ‘Inactive’, ‘P ‘, ‘Pending’, ‘R’, ‘Running’, ‘NA’) phasecode, Decode(r.status_code, ‘A’, ‘Waiting’, ‘B’, ‘Resuming’, ‘C’, ‘Normal’, ‘D’, ‘Cancelled’, ‘E’, ‘Error’, ‘F’, ‘Scheduled’, ‘G’, ‘Warning’, ‘H’, ‘On Hold’, ‘I’, ‘Normal’, ‘M’, ‘No Manager’, …

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Find the Org and Organization mappings


  SELECT   ood.organization_code Warehouse_code,   ood.organization_name Warehouse,   ood.operating_unit OU_ID,   hou.name OU_Name,   hle.name Legal_entity,   hle.set_of_books_id,   gsob.name SOB FROM   org_organization_definitions ood,   hr_operating_units hou,   hr_legal_entities hle,   gl_sets_of_books gsob WHERE …

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