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APP-SQLAP-10771: Could not reserve record


APP-SQLAP-10771: Could not reserve record

Got this error when trying to pay Full Invoice. This error comes normally due to database lock from another sessions on AP_INVOICES_ALL, AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL, AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL  tables.



Step 1. First  determine what session has lock this record, please execute the following steps:
a) Run the following to query to determine which tables are locked:
   SELECT a.object_id, a.session_id, substr(b.object_name, 1, 40) FROM v$locked_object a, dba_objects b  WHERE a.object_id = b.object_id AND b.object_name like ‘AP_%’ ORDER BY  b.object_name;

    b) Look at the results and run the below given Query by inserting that is returned from above script :

 SELECT l.*, o.owner object_owner, o.object_name FROM SYS.all_objects o, v$lock l WHERE l.TYPE = ‘TM’ AND o.object_id = l.id1 AND o.object_name in (‘AP_INVOICES_ALL’, ‘AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL’, ‘AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL’);


   c) Now, run the below given query and enter the SID returned by above query.

                SELECT SID, SERIAL# FROM v$session WHERE SID = <SID from Above Query)>;


Step 2. As the locking sessions have been identified, please use the below command to kill sessions.
               ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ‘sid,serial#’ IMMEDIATE;

SID and serial# to be taken from the output of 1C.



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