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Oracle Assets Profile Options

Oracle Assets Profile Options

Below are the most common profile options used in Oracle Asset Module.

  • FA: Allow Swiss Special Assets
  • FA: Annual Rounding
  • FA: Archive Table Sizing Factor
  • FA: Batch Size
  • FA: Cache Sizing Factor
  • FA: Custom Generate CCID
  • FA: Default DPIS to Invoice Date
  • FA: Deprn Single
  • FA: Enable Depreciation Override
  • FA: Generate Asset Level Account
  • FA: Generate Book Level Accounts
  • FA: Generate Category Level Accounts
  • FA: Generate Depreciation Expense Accounts
  • FA: Japan 2007 Tax Reforms Features
  • FA: Mass Copy All Cost Adjustments
  • FA: Maximum Projection Extent
  • FA: Number of Parallel Requests
  • FA: Print Debug
  • FA: Print Timing Diagnostics
  • FA: Security Profile
  • FA: Tax Asset Type Category Segment for Japanese Depreciable Assets Tax Report
  • FA: Use Threshold
  • FA: Use Workflow Account Generation
  • FADI: Create Asset Privileges
  • FADI: Physical Inventory Privileges



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