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Apps DBA Interview Questions Part 3

What is adctrl?
  • Adctrl is one of the ad-utilities, which is used to check the status of workers and to manage the workers.
How to skip a worker and why?

We can skip a worker using option 8 in adctrl which is hidden. We will go for skipping a worker when we have executed the job which the worker is supposed to do.

How adpatch knows what are the pre-requisite for the patch which it is applying?

With every patch there is a file called b.ldt file which contains the pre-requisite information. Adpatch load this into database using FNDLOAD and check, whether those pre-requisite patches were applied or not.

What is FNDLOAD ?

FNDLOAD is a utility which is similar to SQL-LOADER but loads code objects into database, where as SQL-LOADER loads data objects into database.

What C-driver will do?

C-driver copies the files from patch unzipped directory to required location in the application file system. Before copying, it will check the file version of the existing file at the file system with file version in the patch. If the patch file version is higher than the file at file system level, only then C-driver will copy that files.

How adpatch will know the file versions of the patch delivered files?

With each patch a file with name f.ldt is delivered , which contain the file versions. Adpatch will use this file to compare the file versions with the file on file system.

What is the adpatch log file location?


What are the different modes you can run your adpatch?

a) Interactive – default mode

b) Non interactive – Use defaults files to store prompt values (adpatch defaultsfile= interactive=no)

b) Test – Without actually applying a patch just to check. (adpatch apply=no)


What is autoconfig?

Autoconfig is an adutility which is used to maintain application environment and configuration files.

What are the parameter autoconfig will ask for?

Context file name and APPS user password.

What is context file?

Context file is a central repository, which stores all application configuration information.

How you will find autoconfig is enabled/not for your applications?
  1. Open any .env or configuration files, the first few lines will tell u that this files are maintained by autoconfig.
  2. If contextname.xml file is there in $APPL_TOP/admin
How autoconfig will create .env and configuration files?
  1. Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from context.xml file and create the required files.
What is for “validating apps schema” option in adadmin?

It will check for the corrupted objects in apps schema

What is “Compile APPS Schema” option in adadmin?

It will compile the invalid database objects.

How to find invalid objects in database?

select count(*) from dba_objects where status=’INVALID’;

What is adrelink?

Adrelink will relink the executables with the libraries. Generally we go for adrelink when some patch delivers some library files, or when executable were corrupted.

What is adodfcmp utility?

This utility is used to recreate/repair corrupted database objects from ODF(object definition files) files.

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