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Apps DBA Interview Questions Part 2

You are applying a patch , can you open another session and run adadmin ?
  • Yes, We can run unless you are running a process where workers are involved.
You are applying a patch , can you open another session in another node and run adpatch?

No, because it will create tables while running first session when you start the 2nd session it will fail.

How to find opatch Version ?

Opatch is utility to apply database patch , In order to find Opatch version execute $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch version

You can check OPatch -lsinventory

How you will see hidden files in linux/solaris?

By writing ls -la in a linux terminal.

What is top command?

Top is a operating system command, it will display top 10 processes which are taking high cpu and memory.

What is a patch?

A patch can be a solution for a bug/it can be a new feature.

What are the different types of patches?

Oneoff, mini packs, family packs, maintenance packs, rollup patches, consolidated patches.

What is a oneoff patch?

An oneoff patch is a small patch of (20 to 90KB size) without any pre-requisites.

What is a mini pack ?

A mini pack is one which will upgrade any product patchset level to next level like AD.H to AD.I


What is Family pack ?

A Family pack is one which will upgrade the patchset level of all the products in that family to particular patchset level.

What is Maintenance pack ?

A maintenance pack will upgrade applications from one version to another like 12.0.6 to 12.1.1.

What is a Rollup patch?

A rollup patch is one which will deliver bug fixes identified after the release of any major application versions like 12.1.1 to 12.1.3

What is the other table where u can query what are the patches applied?


What is the difference between ad_bugs and ad_applied_patches?

A patch can deliver solution for more than one bug, ad_applied_patches may not give u the perfect information as in case of ad_bugs.

How can you apply a patch on Oracle Applications?

Mostly Applications Patches are applied through adpatch.

What passwords you need, to apply a patch ?

APPS and SYSTEM user passwords

What tables adpatch will create and when?

Adpatch will create FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table when it will apply D, G and U drivers.

What is the significance of FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and AD_DEFERRED_JOBS Table?

FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table will store the worker information like what job is assigned to which worker and its status. AD_DEFERRED_JOBS will come into picture when some worker is failed, it will be moved to AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table, from where again adpatch will take that job and try to reasign, after doing this 3 times if still that worker is failing, then adpatch will stop patching and throw the error that particular worker has failed.

If it is a multi-node installation which driver we need to apply on which node?

We need to apply C,D,G on concurrent node and C, G on web node. If it is U-driver we need to apply it on all nodes.

While applying a application patch is that necessary that your database and listener should be up?

Yes, because adpatch will connect to database and updates  database tables.

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