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Apps Technical Interview Questions Part 4

Write down the Form development process?
  1. Open template form.
  2. Save as <your form>.fmb
  3. Change the form module name as form name.
  4. Delete the default blocks, window, and canvas
  5. Create a window.
  6. Assign the window property class to window
  7. Create a canvas(subclass info)
  8. Assign canvas property class to the canvas
  9. Assign the window to the canvas and canvas to the window
  10. Create a data block
  11. Modify the form level properties.
  12. Modify the app_cusom package in the program unit.
  13. Modify the pre-form trigger (form level)
  14. Modify the module level properties 
  15. Save and compile the form.
  16. Place the .fmx in the server directory.
  17. Register in the Application Object Library (AOL).




What is OPEN-DEBIT MEMO REPORT? And tell me it parameters?

This report shows all the open-debit memo transactions, based on customer number and dates.

Columns  :- type, customer_no, trx_no, amt_due, remaining.

Parameter :- type, customer, from_date, to_date.


Basically this report generates a flat file of all the payments in order to send in to the bank.


This report which updates the data into the Account Payables (AP) system from the plot file, the file which is sent by bank.


This report which shows the out standing checks


This report shows each customer original amount, amount pay and due amount based on transaction type.

What are the requests groups?

Single request: -this allows you to submit an individual request.

Request set : – this allows you to submit a pre-defined set of requests.

What is the usage of SysAdmin Module?
  1. Define Custom Users
  2. Define Login Users
  3. Register oracle DB users,
  4. Define Concurrent Programs
  5. Register Concurrent Executables
  6. Setting Profile Option Values
  7. Define Request Types
What is the usage of Application Object Library (AOL)?
  1. Registering tables. 
  2. Registering views 
  3. Registering db sequences
  4. Registering profile options 
  5. Registering lookups and lookup codes
  6. Registering forms 
  7. Registering Form and Non-Form functions 
  8. registering Menus and sub-menus.  
  9. Registering DFF and KFF. 
  10. Libraries
What are the type Models in the system parameters of the report?

·         Bit map

·         Character mode

What is Sql Report Writer (SRW) Package?
  • This is the Report builder Built in package know as SRW Package.
  • This package extends reports, Control report execution, output message at runtime, Initialize layout fields, Perform  DDL statements used to create or Drop temporary table,  Call User Exist, to format width of the columns, to page break the column, to set the colors
Difference between Bind and Lexical parameters?


  • Bind Variable are used to replace a single value in sql, pl/sql
  • Bind variable may be used to replace expressions in select, where, group, order by, having, connect by, start with cause of queries.
  • Bind reference may not be referenced in FROM clause (or) in place of reserved words or clauses.


  • You can use lexical reference to replace the clauses appearing AFTER select, from, group by, having, connect by, start with.
  • You can’t make lexical reference in a pl/sql statements.
What is Flex mode and Confine mode?

Flex mode:

On:  parent borders “stretch” when child objects are moved against them.

Off:  parent borders remain fixed when child objects are moved against them.

Confine mode:

On:  child objects cannot be moved outside their enclosing parent objects.

Off:  child objects can be moved outside their enclosing parent objects.

What is Place holder Columns?
  • A placeholder is a column is an empty container at design time.
  • The placeholder can hold a value at run time has been calculated and placed into it by pl/sql code from anther object.
  • You can set the value of a placeholder column is in a Before Report trigger.
  • Store a Temporary value for future reference.
What is Formula Column?

A formula column performs a user-defined computation on another column data, including placeholder columns.

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