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Apps Technical Interview Questions Part 1

What is an ERP?
  • It is a Packaged Business Software system that lets a company automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, share common data and practices across the Enterprise, which produce and access information in a real-time environment.
Tell me some thing about SQL-LOADER?

SQL-loader is a bulk loader utility used for moving data from external files into the oracle databaseSQL- loader supports various load formats, selective loading, and multi-tables loads. There are commonly Two ways of loading format as given below:

  • Conventional – The conventional path loader essentially loads the data by using standard ‘insert’ statement.
  • Direct – Direct path loader (direct = true) by possess of logic involved with that, and loads directly in to the oracle data files.


How would you dump data from pl/SQL block to flat files?

We can dump data from pl/SQL block to flat file using UTL_FILE Package.

What is SET-OF-BOOKS or SOB?

Collection of Chat of Accounts and Currency and Calendars is called Set of Books or SOB.

What is the interface table?

Interface Table is a table which is used as medium for transfer data between two systems.

What is invoice?

It is a document for request payment.

Tell me what are the Base tables in the AR?


HZ_PARTIES stores information about parties such as organizations, people, and groups, including address information for the party.


HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS stores information about customer relationships. If a party becomes a customer, information about the customer account is stored in this table. You can establish multiple-customer relationships with a single party, so each party can have multiple customer account records in this table.


HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL stores information about customer sites.One customer account can have multiple sites. The address is maintained in HZ_LOCATIONS.


HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL stores information about site uses or business purposes. A single customer site can have multiple site uses, such as bill to or ship to, and each site use is stored as a record in this table.


HZ_PARTY_SITES stores information about the relationship between Parties and Locations. The same party can have multiple party sites.Physical addresses are stored in HZ_LOCATIONS.


HZ_LOCATIONS stores information about physical locations.


HZ_PERSON_PROFILES stores detail information about people.


HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES stores credit rating, financial statistics, socio economic and corporate linkage information for business sites.

Tell me about some customer interface tables and there uses?


This table stores customer, address, and business purpose information. You do not have to enter values in this table if you do not want to import customers, addresses, or business purposes.



A customer level profile must exist in A_CUSTOMER_PROFILES_INTERFACE for new customers and each bill–to business purpose.



This table stores telephone numbers for customers, addresses and contacts.



This table stores bank information for a customer or for a specific Bill–To address, you must enter a bank account for this customer.



To import payment methods for customers and bill–to business purposes

Write down the staging tables in the customer interface?

·         Ra_customers_stg

·         Ra_customers_address_stg

·         Ra_customers_point_stg

·         Ra_customers_contact points_stg

·         Ra_customers_relate_stg

·         Ra_customer_error


Tell me some mandatory columns in the customer interface tables?


·         Orig_system_customer_ref

·         insert_update_flag

·         customer_number

·         customer_status

·         last_updated_by

·         last_updated_date

·         created_by

·         creation_date.


·         customer_profile_class_name


·         orig_system_telephone_ref

·         telephone

·         telephone_type


·         bank_a/c_name

·         bank_a/c_no

·         bank_a/c_currency_code


·         payment_method_name

Tell me the Navigation for customer interface?

   Receivables > Interface > Customers

Which tables we cannot be updated through customer interface?

·         RA_SITE_USES_ALL






How to record additional customer and address information through customer interface?

We Can use attributes columns for saving additional information in following tables:

  • Additional Customer data can be populated in RA_CUSTOMERS_INTERFACE_ALL from customer_attribute1 to customer_attribute15 which will be populated in RA_CUSTOMERS from attribute1 to attribute15.


  • Additional address information can be populated in RA_CUSTOMERS_INTERFACE_ALL from address_attribute1 to address_attribute15, which will be populated in RA_ADDRESSES_ALL from attribute1 to attribute15
What should be the Ideal batch size (number of customer records) general guidelines for optimal performance?

About 10,000 records per batch is ideal, it is suggested to keep the batch small.

How do you send records at customer level profile and address/site level profile?

For every customer record in RA_CUSTOMERS_INTERFACE_ALL  insert two records  in table RA_CUSTOMER_PROFILES_INT_ALL.

(Refer Note: 1070800.6 )

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