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Apps Technical Interview Questions Part 2

Which is the most commonly used package in apps that uses Autonomous Transaction?
  • FND_LOG, this is used for debugging.
  • This has a procedure named string, which does a commit.
  • Hence your debug messages are not lost in the event of rollback during unhandled exception.
What is one of the limitations of Forms Personalization?

·         You can not display interactive messages as you can using fnd_message. 

How to use Flexfields in reports ?
  • Most common way is to use FND user exits provided by oracle applications.
  • Other way is to directly use the DB views (TableName  || ‘_KFV’ or ’_DFV’) created by apps, and use the concatenated_segments column which holds the concatenated segments of the key or descriptive flexfields.
What are Autonomous transactions ?
  • An autonomous transaction is an independent transaction started by another transaction.
  • Autonomous transactions let you suspend the main transaction, do SQL operations, commit or roll back those operations, then resume the main transaction.
What is record group ?
  • Record group are used with LOVs to hold sql query for your list of values.
  • The record group can contain static data as well it can access data from database tables through SQL queries.
What is a FlexField ?
  • An Oracle Applications field made up of segments.
  • Each segment has an assigned name and a set of valid values.
  • Oracle Applications uses flexfields to capture information about your organization.
What are different report triggers and what is their firing sequence ?

There are five report trigger :

  • Before Report
  • After Report
  • Before Parameter Form    
  • After Parameter Form
  • Between Pages

The Firing sequence for report triggers is

 Before Parameter Form > After Parameter Form > Before Report > Between Pages > After Report

How to attach reports in Oracle Applications ?

The steps are as follows :

  1. Design your report in Oracle Report Developer
  2. Generate the executable file of the report as .rdf.
  3. Move the executable as well as source file to the appropriate product’s folder.
  4. Register the report as concurrent executable.
  5. Define the concurrent program for the executable registered.
  6. Add the concurrent program to the request group of the responsibility.
What is the use of triggers in Forms ?

Triggers are used in forms for event handling.

You can write PL/SQL code in triggers to respond to a particular event occurred in your forms like when user presses a button or when he commits the form.

The different type of triggers available in forms are :

  • Key-triggers
  • Navigational-triggers
  • Transaction-triggers
  • Message-triggers
  • Error-triggers
  • Query based-triggers


What is the use of Temp tables in Interface programs ?
  • Temporary tables are used in Interface programs to hold the intermediate data.
  • The data is loaded into temporary tables first and then, after validating through the PL/SQL programs, the data is loaded into the interface tables.
How to pass parameters to a report ? do you have to register them with AOL ?
  • You can define parameters in the define concurrent program form.
  • There is no need to register the parameters with AOL. But you may have to register the value sets for those parameters.
Do you have to register feeder programs of interface to AOL ?

Yes ! you have to register the feeder programs as concurrent programs to Apps.

What are forms customization steps ?

The steps are as follows :

  • Copy the template.fmb and Appstand.fmb from AU_TOP/forms/us.
  • Put it in custom directory.
  • The libraries (FNDSQF, APPCORE, APPDAYPK, GLOBE, CUSTOM, JE, JA, JL, VERT) are automatically attached .
  • Now, Customize.
  • Save this Form in Corresponding Modules.
Difference between Key and Descriptive Flexfield?



Unique IdentifierTo capture extra information
Key Flexfield are stored in segmentStored in attributes
For key flexfield there are flexfield Qualifier and segment QualifierContext-sensitive flexfield is a feature

 of DFF. (descriptive flexfield)


What is MRC and what are it’s use?
  • The Multi Reporting Currency Feature allows you to report and maintain records at the transaction level in more than one functional currency.
  • You can do by defining one or more set of books in addition to primary set of books.

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