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How to Download Oracle Products Media

How to Download Oracle Products Media

To access a majority of Oracle Enterprise Software downloads, it is necessary to have an account on Oracle e-delivery. In this blog post, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to download Oracle Linux Media and Oracle E-Business Suit Media, enabling you to obtain these essential software components.

Disclaimer: Please ensure that you utilize the downloaded products strictly for testing and development purposes, refraining from using them in a production environment without proper licensing. It is important to comply with all licensing agreements and usage guidelines specified by Oracle during the installation and usage of their products.


Login Process in Oracle E-Delivery Account

Go To E-delivery Website and Click Sign in


If you already possess an Oracle account, please sign in using your credentials.

In the event that you do not have an account, you can create one by selecting the “Create Account” button.

Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 7.9 Download Process

Once You Login, you will see the Screen Like this as shown in the picture

  1. Write Oracle Linux 7 in Search Field
  2. Click Click Search
  3. Click Oracle Linux
  4. Click Continue
  1. Select Platform
  2. Click Continue
  1. Accept the Agreement
  2. Click Continue

Click the File Shown in the Picture to Start Download

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.12 Download Process

As we need to Download the Oracle E-Business Suite Media, we will Search and select the Version as shown in the Picture Below.

After the Selection, as you can see 1 item added in Cart, Click Continue

Choose The Product list to be downloaded with the Platform Required Version and Click Continue as shown in the Picture Below

Click the check Box and Click Continue

Now All the Files of the Products selected previously will show on this Page.

You have 2 Options To Download All the Files.

Option 1. Downloading through Download Manager

Click Download Link


(It will download an EXE file like “Oracle_SSN_DLM_{DateStamp}”, once downloaded you will open the Download Manager and Start The Downloading process of all the files as shown in Pictures Below )

Click Next

It will Start Downloading all the Select Media

Option 2. WGET Options Link

It will download a Script ‘sh’  file which can be copied on the installation System and executed. While after the execution It will ask for Oracle SSO Username and Password which you can provide same as provided while logging into the Oracle E-Delivery.


  1. This method needs to have Internet Enabled on the OS where you are installing the Software.
  2. You can edit the parameter given below where you want to download the files

# Output directory and file


The Picture Below Shows The Execution of wget.sh script for downloading the media.

Provide Oracle SSO Username and Password same as provided while logging into the Oracle E-Delivery

You Can Also Check The Log file for the Downloading Process as shown in the picture below.


All the Media Files Will be downloaded Directory on the Linux Server.

Once E-Business Suite Media Download Completes, you Can go for Staging the Media

The link is Given Below





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