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Unable to See the Legal Entity LOV in Bank Account Owner Field


Unable to See the Legal Entity LOV in Bank Account Owner Field


Step 1. Login as System Administrator user and then switch responsibility to User Management.

Step 2. Click in Roles & Role Inheritance link

Step 3. Do the following search:

  • Type: Role and Responsibilities 
  • Category: Miscellaneous 
  • Application: Cash Management 

Choose the Cash Management responsibility where you want to create and maintain bank accounts.

Step 4. Click in the Update icon

Step 5. Click in Security Wizard button 

Step 6. Run the Wizard for CE UMX Security wizard.

Step 7. Click Add Legal entities and add the legal entity you will give the selected role access to
the all bank accounts within this legal entity and choose grants that you want to assign to this
role on the bank accounts of this legal entity

  • Use
  • Maintenance
  • Bank Account Transfers 

Step 8. Click the Apply button and then click save button.

Step 9. Now, create or update a bank account in the chosen Cash Management Responsibility 



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