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CPADMIN Utility Now Available for EBS

CPADMIN Utility Now Available for EBS 12.2.3, 12.2.4, 12.2.5

By: Steven Chan| Senior Director

I recently profiled the CPADMIN utility for EBS 12.2.6 that consolidates various CP management functions into a single menu-based tool.  This ADADMIN-style utility can:

  • View Concurrent Manager status
  • Clean CP tables
  • Set Concurrent Manager diagnostics
  • Start, stop, or verify an individual Concurrent Manager
  • Rebuild Concurrent Manager views
  • Move request files
  • Analyze requests
  • Configure request log/out file directory locations

This tool has been backported to EBS 12.2.3, 12.2.4, and 12.2.5 via Patch 24408550:

In case you missed it, this tool is also available for EBS 12.1.3.

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