How to get table information? How to get About this Page link in OA page in R12

How to get table information? How to get About this Page link in OA page in R12

How to find supplier related view / table information in web page environment?

Step 1. Navigate to the Supplier Page

Step 2. Click on the About this page link

Step 3. Click Expand All

Step 4. You will be seeing SuppSrchVO, SupplierVO and SitesVO

Step 5. If you click on that view it will show you the query used.

How to get the About this Page link in OA page?

To get the About this Page Link, Please ensure the below Profile option is set to Yes at site level:

  • FND: Diagnostics
  • System Administrator > Profile > System

The FND: Diagnostics profile option controls whether the Diagnostics button is rendered.

It also controls the display of the About this Page link.

You may also set below

  • Personalize Self-Service Defn : Yes
  • FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled : Yes 
  • FND: Diagnostics : Yes


Add the below responsibilities to the user:

System Administrator > Security > User > Define

  • FND Html Forms
  • Functional Administrator
  • Functional Developer

1. Once done bounce the apache

2. Retest the issue

3. Migrate the solution to other environments as appropriate.



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