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R12 : Autoconfig failed on jtfictx.sh INSTE8_PRF 1 – ORA-29874


R12 : Autoconfig failed on jtfictx.sh INSTE8_PRF 1 – ORA-29874: warning in the execution of ODCIINDEXALTER routine

Autoconfig completed with errors.


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-29855: error occurred in the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:
DRG-11422: linguistic initialization failed
DRG-11446: supplied knowledge base file
/u01/apps/VIS/db/tech_st/11.2.0/ctx/data/enlx/droldUS.dat not installed
ORA-06512: at “CTXSYS.DRUE”, line 160
ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_SQL”, line 1199
ORA-06512: at line 37



1.Login to the database as ctxsys user and run

Conn  ctxsys/ctxsys
exec ctx_ddl.set_attribute(‘DEFAULT_LEXER’,’INDEX_THEMES’,’no’);

2. Drop and rebuild indexes

$ cd $JTF_TOP/patch/115/sql/

$ sqlplus apps/apps @jtfiimt.sql JTF JTF NULL NULL

 “jtfiaibu.sql” script is used to drop and recreate the “JTF_AMV_ITEMS_URL_CTX”  Intermediate Text index.

$ cd $JTF_TOP/patch/115/sql/
$ sqlplus apps/apps @jtfiaibu.sql JTF JTF APPS


“Jtfictx.sh” Failed During Autoconfig On Application Tier, ORA-29874, DRG-10595 (Doc ID 1271186.1)
Oracle Text may not include Theme Functionality after Installation (Doc ID 262701.1)




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