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Apps DBA Interview Questions Part 4

What is the difference between alter and FNDCPASS in changing apps password?

FNDCPASS will update some FND tables other than standard tables.

Where is the concurrent manager log file located?




What are the different types of concurrent managers?
  1. Internal Concurrent Manager – Will start all other managers and monitor.
  2. Standard Manager – All concurrent request by default will go to this.
  3. Conflict Resolution Manager – Concurrent programs with incompatibilities will be handled.
  4. Transaction Manager – Handle all transaction requests.
What are actual and target count in ‘Administer Concurrent Managers form’?

Target is the number of concurrent processes a manager is supposed to start.

Actual is the number of processes a manager started actually.

Target and Actual should be always same.

What if Target and Actual are not same?

It means at operating system level resources are low to accommodate the required processes for concurrent managers.

What are work shifts?

Work shifts are nothing but timings at which the concurrent manager is supposed to run.

What if internal concurrent manager target and actual are not same?

We need to bounce the concurrent manager using adcmctl.sh

What is DBC file and its location?

DBC file contain database connection information. DBC file is used by oracle applications to connect to database.

Its location is $FND_TOP/secure

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Generic service Manager, which will monitor application processes like web, forms etc and restarts any of this processes if goes down.


What is rapid clone?

Rapid Clone is the new cloning utility introduced in Release 11.5.8.

How do I determine if my system is rapid clone enabled?

First, verify that your system is AutoConfig enabled. Then, verify that you have applied the latest Rapid Clone patch.

What is adsplicer?

Adsplicer is a utility used to register off cycle products.

What is license manager?

License manager (adlicmgr) utility is used to license/unlicensed , enable new languages, enable country specific functionality.

Is that necessary to enable maintenance mode while applying a patch?

It can vary from different Patches but, we can even apply a patch without enabling maintenance mode with the following option

Adpatch options=hotpatch

How you will find workflow version?

Run wfver.sql at $FND_TOP/sql script as apps user

How to validate that sysadmin password is correct or not from back-end?

select fnd_web_sec.validate_login(‘SYSADMIN’,’Qwert8765′) from dual;

Which all tables FNDCPASS updates when changing user’s password?

Below is how FNDCPASS works.

a) APPLSYS validation. (make sure APPLSYS name is correct)
b) Re-encrypt all password in FND_USER
c) Re-encrypt all password in FND_ORACLE_USERID
d) Update applsys’s password in FND_ORACLE_USERID
e) Update apps password in FND_ORACLE_USERID table.

Also changes are made in DBA_USERS table

What are custom schema creation steps?

a) Create a Tablespace in the Database for custom schema.
b) Create Schema
c) Grants Connect and Resource to schema
d) Make the directory structure for your custom application files.
e) Create Custom Environment file in APPL_TOP directory
f) Register your Oracle Schema.
g) Login to Applications with System Administrator responsibility
Navigate to Application–>Register
     Register Oracle User
     Naviate to Security–>Oracle–>Register
h) Add Application to a Data Group
Navigate to Security–>Oracle–>DataGroup

i)Create custom request group, custom menu etc

What is .pls files which you see with apps?

.PLS file stands for plsql files. In apps patch these files contain code to create package spec or package body or both.

What are .ldt & .lct files which you see in apps patch or with FNDLOAD?

.ldt & .lct stands for Loader data file & Loader configuration files, used frequently in migrating customization, profile options, configuration data etc.

What are the profile options, what are various types of profile options?

You set profile options at the following levels:

Site level

Application level

Responsibility level

User level

What is APPS listener? Why is it used?

Apps Listener usually run on all Oracle Application Nodes with listener alias as APPS_$SID and is mainly used for listening requests for services like FNDFS & FNDSM.

How do you start/stop apps listener?

lsnrctl start APPS_$SID

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